Monday, November 16, 2009

Nerve gas used to make drinking bottles

Relax. Pound360 isn't planning on changing our behavior because of this. But we thought it was interesting. According to HuffingtonPost blogger Elizabeth Grossman, "phosgene, used as a nerve gas during World War I, has long been used to make bisphenol A, the chemical building block of polycarbonate plastics."

So what? What are polycarbonate plastics used for? That's what Pound360 wanted to know. And
according to our friend Wikipedia, polycarbonate plastics end up as "drinking bottles," "drinking glasses" and other stuff like CDs, DVDs, Apple MacBooks and ocarinas. Yeah, ocarinas, those little weird flute-things.

By the way, we've know for sometime that bisphenol A is "an endoctrine-disrupting chemical." But before you get too worried,
read more here.

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