Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Early man ate Neanderthals

This is a little disturbing. According to paleontologist Fernando Ramirez Rossi, “it is clear that early humans were eating Neanderthals.” Rossi was interviewed in an article from the Nov 2009 issue of Discover Magazine (no, Pound360 couldn’t find it at the website).

Why is this disturbing? It verges on cannibalism. “If you met a Neanderthal in a crowd of people, you might think they were a little funny looking, but that’s it,” said University of Arizona archaeologist Steve Kuhn.

Humans really got into butchering Neanderthals. On one Neanderthal jawbone, researchers fond “repeated indentations in the bone where the tongues were cut out.”

So what? How significant a role did humans hunting Neanderthals play in their extinction? “It is impossible to know exactly how major a role human aggression played,” reports Discover.

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