Monday, October 05, 2009

Loss of big predators causing ‘major economic and ecological disruptions’

Oh, humans. You think you’re so brilliant, powerful when you wipe out big, nasty predators like sharks, wolves and lions. But check this out, genius. By wiping out big predators, research shows a surge in smaller “mesopredators” that are causing “major economic and ecological disruptions.” (ScienceDaily)

Like what? Killing off wolves is good for ranchers and frightened campers, but it’s really good for coyote populations, once kept in check by them big, scary wolves. Controling the coyotes has been “hugely expensive”, with a price tag in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Bummer.

In the ocean, wiping out sharks has led to a surge in the ray population, “which in turn caused the collapse of a bay scallop fishery and both ecological and economic losses.”

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