Monday, September 14, 2009

Velociraptor may have been tree dwellers

Research by a University of Manchester team suggests the velociraptor is very different than the creature you have in mind. (New Scientist) First, those claws that seem ideal for gutting prey, probably weren’t sharp enough to break skin. Instead, they were probably used for clinging to prey (like modern cats) and, um, climbing trees. Really.

In addition to the claws, the velociraptor’s “leg and tail musculature show that these animals are adapted for climbing rather than running.”

A volociraptor climbing trees? Hm. How serious is the research team about this? They actually suggest “velociraptor used its climbing ability to perch in trees and pounce on prey from above.”

It does sound like a stretch, but remember,
fossils suggest velociraptor was feathered, and that would help it swoop from the trees to attack prey.

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