Sunday, September 13, 2009

See the "world's most amazing rainforests" before they're gone

Rainforests. So what, who cares. For one, they're beautiful. You yawn. Okay, two, they're rich in biodiversity. So what? Well, wiping out species represents a dark, mysterious debt. Basically, we have no idea what we're losing (for example, cures for diseases) when we kill off another species. Oh, you think we've already discovered all the practical stuff nature has to offer? Wrong. Just last month, scientists found a new species of sea sponge that may hold the cure for pancreatic cancer (a brutal killer).

Still don't care? How about this. Rainforests, which cover just six percent of the earth's surface, "generate nearly a third of the planet's oxygen turnover." (

The bad news is, rainforests used to cover 14 percent of the earth's land surface. So before they're gone, check out this list of the "world's most amazing rainforests" at MSNBC. And no, we're not just talking South America here. They mention a rainforest in Japan on Yakushima Island.

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