Thursday, June 04, 2009

"There are plenty of reasons to feel guilty about prolific meat eating"

Blog fight over eating meat! In one corner, Good Magazine blogger Morgan Clendaniel says vegetarians "should give up trying to guilt people into not eating any meat." In the other corner, ScienceBlogs' Jennifer Jacquet says, "there are plenty of reasons to feel guilty… this guilt is justified and, if anything, understated."

Sorry meat eaters, Pound360 takes Ms. Jacquet's side and we've got
a dozen or so posts to back her up.

Good's Clendaniel complains, "vegans seem to deny the entire course of human existence, as if generations of humans hadn’t raised meat and then ate it." Really? Which ones? Nobody in their right mind denies that. For Pound360, it's not the simple act of eating meat that's disastrous,
it's the way modern society goes about it.

And so what if people used to eat meat? There's a lot of
stuff in human history that should stay in the past.


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