Monday, June 01, 2009

Russia wins claim to majority of Arctic natural gas

We've always know there was a lot of fossil fuel trapped under the North Pole. What's been in dispute is how much, and especially, who it belongs to. Canada, the United States, Norway, Denmark, Russia? All players have "sought some jurisdiction," but only the Russians (surprise, surprise) have actually sent subs to the regions and planted "a titanium canister containing the Russian flat." (Discover)

As the Arctic thaws thanks to global warming, we're learning now (according to an assessment of USGS data) that 30 percent of the Earth's undiscovered natural gas (1.5 trillion cubic feet) and 13 percent of the undiscovered oil (83 billion barrels) is up there. The oil "is not enough to challenge the dominance of the oil-rich Persian Gulf states," but the natural gas, "concentrated in marine territory claimed by Russia," ensures their dominance in the market.

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