Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Catastrophic ocean CO2 levels "could be irreversible for tens of thousands of years"

The oceans do us the favor of absorbing everyone's favorite greenhouse gas, CO2, from the atmosphere. Problem is, too much CO2 leads to acidity in the ocean that's disastrous for marine ecosystems. Unless something is done to slow CO2 emissions, warns a group of science acadamies from 70 nations, parts of the ocean will be corrosive to clams (and other shelled creatures) by 2060, and coral reefs will begin dissolving. (NY Times)

The acidity levels could cause an "underwater catastrophe" that's simply "irreversible for tens of thousands of years."

This is now the second major study this year (
the other one is here) warning of disastrous ocean acidity thanks to CO2 emissions.

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