Sunday, May 31, 2009

'Unprecedented' sunspot forecast predicts much stronger activity

The National Center for Atmospheric Research believes it has made a "science" of solar forecasting. (Watts Up With That) Up next? A sunspot cycle 30-50 percent more powerful than the last. Who cares? Solar activity "can slow satellite orbits, disrupt communications, and bring down power systems."

Earlier this year, physicist Michio Kaku warned that
a "tsunami of radiation" was on the way during a peak of solar activity that will be "much more serious than we previously thought" in 2012. According to Kaku, "we have to start thinking about reinforcing our satellites, building redundant systems… GPS, the power grid, weather satellites, communication satellites, satellite television, all of that could get disrupted, peaking around 2012."

Could this hype be another Y2K-style fiasco? "Let's just hope," said Kaku.

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