Sunday, May 17, 2009

Super-charged cosmic rays may hint 'ultimate theory' of universe

Recently, Pound360 blogged about research on whether or not objects in space travel more easily in one direction than another. Sounds wonky. Who cares? Well, if objects do travel more easily in certain directions, then Einstein's theory of relativity is wrong. If it's wrong, we may be closer to finding "the ultimate theory that underpins our universe."

After reading New Scientist's "
13 things that do not make sense," Pound360 has another dot to connect here. It's the mystery of "ultra-energetic cosmic rays." Follow us here.

Over in Tokyo, the Akeno Giant Air Shower Array (111 particle detectors arranged over 100 square kilometers) keeps detecting cosmic rays beyond the GZK (Greisen-Zatsepin-Kuzmin) limit. These are rays too powerful to exist according to the know laws of physics. How could that be?

The Akeno array could be messed up. But maybe the laws of physics are wrong. The cosmic rays could break the GZK limit "if particles found it easier to move in certain directions."

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