Monday, May 25, 2009

18,000 new species discovered in 2007

Despite the fact that we're living through a mass extinction, the "biggest mass extinction since dinosaurs," science is still finding a lot of new species. In 2007 alone, 18,000 new species (76 percent invertebrates, 11 percent plants, 7 percent vertebrates) were added to the list of 1.8 million discovered since the modern system of species classification was initiated in the 1700s. (CNN)

Expect a lot more discoveries. "A new generation of tools" will make it easier to detect the estimated 200,000 to 10 million undiscovered species on planet earth (though some estimates project there are as many as 100 million species on earth).

But we'd better hurry up. Due to "rapid environmental changes", millions of species "face an uncertain future." Who cares? For one, species wiped out before we ever discover them may hold the keys to understanding how life on earth evolved. Also, these creatures may help develop breakthrough drugs and medical treatments. Either way, we may never know, so species loss represents a dark, mysterious cost.


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