Saturday, April 18, 2009

'Homosexuality is rampant in the animal kingdom'

Recently, a Polish politician was "furious" that an elephant purchased for a Polish city zoo is gay. (Reuters) No need to be "furious," man, this is how nature works. Indeed, "homosexuality is rampant in the animal kingdom." (Popular Science) So whether you like it or not, it's perfectly natural. Get it? (Hey, not everyone does.)

According to the Popular Science article, homosexuality is present in populations of big horn sheep, giraffes, bottlenose dolphins, killer whales, gray wales, manatees, macaques, bonobos (one of our closest primate relatives) and so on. As
Pound360 blogged a couple years ago, "homosexuality has been observed in more than 1,500 species."


Anonymous said...

God did not make man like the ignorant animals. He made them in His image. GET IT !

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