Saturday, April 25, 2009

FDA 'at risk of failing' leaving nation 'at risk of grievous harm'

Have you heard? The Food and Drug Administration "is at risk of failing to carry out its mandate, leaving our citizens at risk of grievous harm." Says who? The FDA's own Science Board. (MSNBC) One problem is that there is nobody in charge. Congress still has yet to confirm Obama's nominee to head the FDA, Margaret Hamburg.

Another problem, "America’s food safety laws have not been updated since they were written during Teddy Roosevelt’s administration." Staffing is an issue, too. The FDA is so understaffed, it can only inspect one percent of imported food (the volume of imported food has jumped ten-fold over the last ten years).

You'd think we would be working on this after that insane outbreak of salmonella in peanut butter made 500 people sick and killed 10. Has the nation already completely forgotten about that?

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