Saturday, April 18, 2009

Extinction watch: Tuna, Larks and Butterflies

The World Wildlife Fund predicts bluefin tuna will disappear from the Mediterranean by 2012 thanks to severe overfishing. (EcoWorldly) Pound360 isn't sure if Mediterranan Blue Fin is a seperate species, but in Africa, the Sidamo lark is actually facing extinction. The bird may be wiped out in "the next few years" if "urgent short-term measures" aren't taken. (BBC) The Sidamo lark extinction may be the first bird extinction on the continent of Africa.

Also, according to
a Univeristy of Florida study, the western hemisphere's largest butterfly, the Homerus swallowtail, "needs help to avoid extinction."

Who cares?
Species loss represents a dark, mysterious debt. When you kill off a species, we never know what benefits it may have provided, say, modern medicine or technology. It's like closing a bank account before checking to see how much money is in it. Kinda' stupid, huh?

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