Saturday, April 18, 2009

Crust of Neutron stars may be incredibly strong

A star with a crust? In theory they're out there. Neutron stars, which are left after massive stars explode, may have a curst that's 10 billion times the strength of steel. (New Scientist) With a crust that strong, scientists believe the surface of these stars can support a "mountain" 10 centimeters tall. If so, Neutron stars may produce gravitational waves that we can detect with ground-based sensors on Earth.

What do you do with this knowledge? Pound360 isn't sure. But here's one society-changing prediction. Coming to a video game near you: "Neutron Shields" for spacecraft, "Neutron Armor" for super heroes and "Neutron Plating" for assault vehicles. Is there a stronger substance in the universe? Pound360 will keep our collective ear to the ground.

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