Friday, April 17, 2009

Banana fuel may slow deforestation

A new plan suggests briquettes formed from the skin, leaves and stems of bananas could replace firewood in developing nations. (Daily Mail) In Africa, deforestation is a big problem, and this elegant waste-to-product solution could help.

This may work as a temporary solution, but in general, the developing world needs to take it easy on burning stuff. Soot from wood-burning cookstoves is a major contributor to global warming, and a serious health hazard. (
NY Times) The burning has propelled "black carbon" (soot) to the number two spot on the list of global warming culprits. And "doctors have long railed against black carbon for its devastating health effects in poor countries."

So while Pound360 likes the idea of converting waste to fuel, let's also concentrate on replacing those open-fire cookstoves all together.

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