Friday, April 17, 2009

Attenborough calls for population control

According to Sir David Attenborough, Earth is under pressure from a "frightening" explosion of population. (Daily Mail) The answer? He's "warned British couples to limit the number of children they have." Sounds nuts, but the man's dead serious. "I've seen wildlife under mounting pressure and it's not just from human economy or technology but behind every threat is the frightening explosion in human numbers."

As you would expect, some of the comments on the Daily Mail article were pretty harsh. Since Attenborough has kids, one person said, "[Attenborough's comments] reminds one of Al Gore who jets around trailing a King Kong-size ' carbon footprint' all the while decrying other people's emissions."

Hm. When Attenborough had his children, how many people were on planet Earth? Population may not have been a problem then, but it may be a serious problem now. (Pound360 needs to do more research before having a true opinion on this.) If so, if population is a problem now, what then? Does the present generation still deserve to have as many kids as they want because the previous generation did? Is that fair to future generations that may be doomed to a planet desperately short of wildlife and other natural resources?

Look, people, just because you didn't create a problem, if you're the only one that can fix it, you better suck it up and, you know, fix it.

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