Friday, March 13, 2009

Time to kill the Shuttle program? Launch pushed again.

Earlier this week, a scheduled Space Shuttle Discovery launch was postponed due to a fuel leak. And it's been postponed again. (NY Times) If shuttle Discovery doesn't lift off by next Tuesday, it may have to wait until April.

NASA has to be super-cautious with the shuttle. Former NASA chief administrator Michael Griffin told NBC News (
video here) there's a one-in-eighty chance of disaster every time the shuttle is wheeled to the launch pad. Why? The shuttles are old. Discovery, the oldest, has been around since 1994. Atlantis, 1985. Endeavor, 1982. And all of them are based on 30-year-old technology. "It's like using an 8-track player in the age of iTunes," said an NBC reporter.

Pound360 is over the shuttle. (In fact, we never really liked it. And, by the way,
that's Richard Nixon's fault.) Let's ground the shuttles and spend the money on something else. ow about another Saturn probe? We love the Cassini mission.

(Image of the Space Station over Miami by

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