Wednesday, March 04, 2009

That asteroid that almost hit Earth? It's coming back.

Why is the asteroid (named 2009 DD45) that just sailed past earth making headlines? For starters, it came pretty close. The moon is about 230,000 miles away from us. 2009 DD45 came within 50,000 miles, passing over the Pacific Ocean near Tahiti. (USA Today) It was pretty big, too. 2009 DD45 was about 50-yards long, which is about the size of "the one that exploded over Siberia in 1908," says USA Today, which leveled 800 square miles of forest.

For the record, Pound360 would like to remind you all that
we don't actually know is was a meteor that ravaged the Tunguska region a century ago.

Back to 2009 DD45, here's video of it passing through the night sky (focus on the right of the frame)…

Oh, and 2009 DD45 is coming back. The asteroid orbits the sun every 18 months, but we don't need to worry anytime soon, "it's path will not threaten this planet at least for the next century." (
CNN) Right, by then we'll have flying cars so we can evacuate major cities in a snap and we'll have lasers so we can just vaporize the asteroid if we want, right? Anyway, here's video of 2009 DD45's orbit…


Nerdsteve said...

I find this amazing - an asteriod that could have completely leveled an entire city and it seems like no one really cares.

I read an article last month said astronomers are tracking all these asteroids and that we have nothing to fear because we would have years to figure out ways to stop it from hitting earth. And then a few weeks go by and "whizzzz" a bullet goes flying by our heads.

Plus this could have been a great solution for the supposed global warming. It it would have hit, we would have been looking for ways to heat things up around here.

Good Night!

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