Monday, March 30, 2009

Obama wisely 'inching away from hydrogen'

In the jaws of a global financial melt down, Obama is wisely "inching away from hydrogen." (The Vine) He's still fighting to overthrow internal combustion engines. But instead of a giant leap, he's taking a baby step by shifting government investment toward plug-in electric vehicles.

You may recall the Bush administration planned on sinking $1.2 billion into hydrogen fuel cell R&D. But Pound360 thought it was a gimmick. The amount didn't seem like enough to make a difference (the National Academy of Sciences estimates it would take $55 billion to get hydrogen cars on the road), but it was enough to quiet critics.

Anyway, according to The Vine's post, "hydrogen technology still faces a ton of awe-inspiring pitfalls." For example, Honda isn't sure they can get the price tag on a hydrogen car under $100,000 before 2020, hydrogen production may create more CO2 emissions than burning conventional fossil fuels and so on.



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