Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mysterious rash of whale mass-suicides reported off Tasmania

Over the past six months, 400 whales (and a few dolphins) have beached themselves (and died) around Tasmania. (BBC) In the latest wave, 200 whales turned up on the beaches of King Island, and "scientists still have no definitive explanation."

So far 140 of the creatures have died, but King Islanders are scrambling to keep the whales wet, and trying to get them back in the ocean. But that may not help. Last year, Pound360 blogged
a dolphin mass-suicide in the UK where, even after the dolphins were dragged into the water, they beached themselves again. Bizzare.

In 2007, 152 dolphins beached themselves on the Iranian coast. Iran's fisheries department said "the dolphins were victims of experimental US surveillance techniques." (
Guardian UK) A truly brilliant explanation.


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