Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Meet Predator X, evil king of the Jurassic seas

Paleontologists have been excavating the fossil remains of "a gigantic new species" of 150 million-year-old monsters that roamed Earth's ancient oceans. (NY Times) Researchers have been digging out the fossils since 2006, but due to their location (a mere 800 miles from the North Pole), they can only work three weeks out of the year. And only now are test results suggesting how the temporarily dubbed Predator X killed.

First, Predator X was big: fifty feet long and 45 tons. The head and its four flippers were 10 feet long. Studies of the brain case show it was "similar in many respects" to modern great white sharks, suggesting a "comparable" hunting strategy. When Predator X got a hold of its prey, the results weren't pretty. The monster's jaws were capable of driving 33,000 pounds of bite-force. That's two-to-four times that of a T. rex and 10-times that of any modern creature.

Set yer Tivos, the History Channel is showing a documentary on Predator X March 29 (2009).

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