Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Astronomers snap pic of giant eye floating through space

You know what they (Nietzsche) say about staring into a void; stare long enough and it will stare back.  Well, scientists staring into the constellation Aquarius from the Wide Field Imager at the European Space Organization's La Silla Observatory (Chile) found this great, lidless eye staring back at them…

Pretty spectacular.
  It's known as the "Helix planetary nebula." And it's huge.  This thing is 700 light years away, but it occupies a space in the sky a quarter the size of the full moon.  (ESO)  The structure has been expanding at 62,000 miles per hour for about 12,000 years, with a star buring around 216,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Pretty spectacular.

(image ESO)

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