Tuesday, March 31, 2009

5 fundamental things science can't explain

Science can explain a lot, it's still struggling to explain some pretty important, fundamental stuff, reports a Guardian (UK) post, "Five mysteries of the universe."

The most mind blowing? We don't know what makes up 96 percent of the universe. We call the "missing stuff" dark energy and dark matter, "but that doesn't really tell us anything."

The other "mysteries" are a little easier to grasp: life, death, sex and free will. Basically, we don't have a good definition of what it means to be alive, "there's no good explanation" for why we die, sex (compared to asexual cloning) is "highly inefficient" and "neuroscientists are almost convinced that free will is an illusion."


Anonymous said...

Re: this article - I thought you might find this info interesting

Unified Fields - This explains the void/space ... it has long been known but ignored that empty space has infinite mass and is therefore what unites everything and makes everything one - the void has more mass than we do ... this discovery so confused those who discovered it they just 'ignored it' ... it is known as the 'vacuum catastrophe'

Because it was ignored the measurement of the weight of the proton is now known to be wrong as the 'void' mass inside the atom around the protons was not taken into consideration ... protons are tiny black holes


AND this ... another thing being ignored ... the discovery of an ancient global matrix involving at least 83,000 ancient monuments all made by one civilization over 10,500 years ago

Drunvalo Melchizedek - Carl Munck's ''The Code''

Carl Munck - The Code

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