Wednesday, February 18, 2009

UFO slams into wind turbine

Something slammed into a 200-ft wind turbine along the coast of England last month mangling its 60-ft propellers. (Daily Mail) Witnesses report seeing "orangeyyellow spheres," a hovering "round object with a slight red trim," and a "massive ball of light" with "tentacles." Around 4AM, there was an "earsplitting bang." And in the morning, there was the smashed turbine.
What happened?

Ministry of Defense "insiders" speculate the culprit was an unmanned stealth bomber that trains near the wind farm where the mysterious collision occurred. An insurance company exec, quoted by the Telegraph speculates "water could have got into hairline cracks in the blade, weakening the structure when it turned to ice." (
MSNBC) That's pretty funny.

Did this guy see
pics of the damage?

Another expert told one MSNBC sours that "ice flung off one turbine into another" could have done the damage. That's pretty funny, too.

According to a recent report, New Scientist believes "
ET wrongly accused of damaging wind turbine," since a report by the company that owns the turbine states, "bolts securing the blade to the hub of the turbine failed."

How does that explain the glowing spheres, hovering round objects and that massive ball of light with tentacles? Swamp gas? Light from the planet Venus reflecting off a weather balloon? Maybe the witnesses were all drunk.

(Image of Taranis unmanned stealth bomber by
Mike Young)

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