Friday, February 20, 2009

Poisonous backward green comet the size of Jupiter approaches Earth

A comet with a halo the size of Jupiter, and glowing green as it puffs a tail of poisonous cyanogen and diatomic carbon is racing past earth. (NASA) And due to an optical illusion, it appears as though its tail is pushing out in front of it. (Newsvine, AP)

The comet, named Lulin, was discovered by a Chinese teenager a couple years ago. And what's particularly interesting is that this comet has never approached the sun before, so it has many of its original gases.

If you have a chance to catch Lulin, you'll be among the last to see it. "Lulin will gain enough speed to escape the solar system," a NASA astronomer told the AP. Farewell you lovely freak.

(Image courtesy NASA)

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