Thursday, February 26, 2009

New player emerges in race to beam power from space

A private company (Space Energy Inc) is at work on "a rock-solid commercial platform" (one that makes money) for beaming solar energy from space to the Earth's surface. (Universe Today) As Pound360 blogged last year, India and Japan are exploring this, but the US government already gave up (lame).

Who cares? There's a log of potential up there. Every second, the sun sheds 200 million gigawatts of solar energy, "more energy than our civilization has used since the dawn of the electrical age." As one
expert told CNN last year, "the country that takes the lead on space solar power will be the energy-exporting country for the entire planet for the next few hundred years."

According to Space Energy's plan, they have a safe way of converting solar energy into low-intensity microwaves that can be collected on Earth via "rectenna" and channeled into the electric grid.


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