Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Third hand smoke? A lot of hype, not many facts.

All the sudden there are dozens of articles flying around about "third hand" (cigarette) smoke. What's third hand smoke? It's the residue that settles on your hair, clothes, furniture, whatever, after smoking a cigarette (or being around cigarette smokers).

Why are we hearing about this now? Apparently, there's a new study that finds most people are unaware of the dangers of this stuff. The
New York Times, BBC, MSNBC, everyone is reporting this. But nobody is saying what the dangers are. Does third hand smoke double my risk for lung cancer? Will it lower a baby's adult IQ by 50 points? Is it connected to autism?

The closest Pound360 came to facts on third hand smoke's effects is
at Scientific American. An expert told the magazine "there is no risk-free level of tobacco exposure" since "there are 250 poisonous oxins found in cigarette smoke," including lead and cyanide.

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