Monday, January 26, 2009

Patent promises biofuel from seaweed

A group of scientists have filed for a patent on a process that converts seaweed into biofuel, reports New Scientist. This is good news since A) Pound360 is bored with fossil fuels, B) Pound360 knows fuel-from-corn (or anything else people can eat) is a dumb idea, C) we're huge fans of any fossil fuel alternative (like algae) that doesn't require using farmland to fuel cars instead of feeding hungry people (which has sparked food riots).

Among other advantages over land-based crops, seaweed grows so fast it can be harvested six times per year.

The patent was filed by a team of South Korean scientists. That's the second
surprising breakthrough from a team of South Koreans this year.

via Flickr by Xosé Castro)


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