Sunday, January 25, 2009

2010 Honda hybrid's cool innovations, lame look

Honda's 2010 Insight has some pretty slick innovations, but did they have to make it look so much like a Toyota Prius? Booo.

When driving the new Insight, the colors on the car's display adjust to tell you how efficiently you're driving (
MSNBC). "The greener the display, the greener the driving. Floor it, and the speedometer quickly shifts to blue." Also, the Insight's onboard computer tracks your driving details "like an obsessive baseball statistician" and scores the driver "in the form of a series of five plants."

The MSNBC piece doesn't mention MPG or sticker price. But auto blogs speculate the car will
cost $18K and earn around 40MPG (officially) but you may get up to 60.

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