Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Second coming of the nuclear age?

It's been 35 years since we built a nuclear power plant in this country, but 21 companies suddenly have 34 plans before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, reports the NY Times.

We stopped building nuclear power plants mid-stride (there were 100 in production) in the early seventies when the Arab oil embargo drove up gas prices, slowed the economy and muted demand for electricity. Then there was the Three Mile Island accident. And Cernobyl. And the question, "what do we do with the nuclear waste?"

But now, "concerns over global warming and natural gas supplies" (natural gas is used to drive some power plants) have sparked interest among some in Congress and some of the states.

Is this another wild ethanol chase? Pound360 wonders whether politicians are more interested in bringing money and jobs to their states than real climate solutions.

"The critics argue that the same money spent elsewhere -- on wind power, or on retrofitting buildings -- could create bigger cuts in carbon dioxide output."

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