Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Recent list of unexplained phenomena may provide evidence for Dark Matter

"A concatenation of puzzling results from an alphabet soup of satellites and experiments has led a growing number of astronomers and physicists to suspect that they are getting signals from a shadow universe of dark matter," reports the NY Times.

Then again, some of the unexplained observations could be the work of a yet-to-be-discovered pulsar or a recent supernova explosion.

Dark matter represents the "missing mass" that holds galaxies together. In other words, when scientists calculate the mass of all matter in a galaxy, there isn't enough to hold them together.

The more Pound360 reads into this subject, the more we feel dark matter is something we'll never prove exists. We think it's a collection of particles that exists in other dimensions of space-time. Sure, we'll be able to detect the influence of these particles, but to prove they exist, we'd have to be creatures capable of perceiving four, five or six dimensions. Unfortunately, the current model of homo sapien only detects three.

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