Thursday, November 13, 2008

Europe takes bold stand against airline pollution

The European Union is expanding an environmental protection program that industry has already "complained bitterly about" to include airlines, reports the NY Times.

The system caps a business' emissions at a certain level. If they want to exceed that level, they need to buy credits from businesses that do not exceed it. Airlines warn the program will cost them an additional $3.5 billion to comply.

Pound360 is sorry to hear that. This means airline tickets will get more expensive. Less people can afford to fly. And some airlines will go out of business.

But what happens to that additional $3.5 billion? The European Union ought to funnel t into industries or businesses that are creating sustainable, renewable energy technologies or more efficient, cleaner propulsion technologies (for airplanes, trains, cars etc.). That way, as an industry that makes climate change worse is shrinking, an industry that reverses climate change grows, and isn't that a good thing?

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