Friday, October 24, 2008

Pine beetle infestation is getting pretty scary, folks

We at Pound360 have been watching the pine beetle infestation that's wreaking havoc on North American forests pretty closely. And what's most terrifying is that nobody seems to be talking solutions.

According to a report by the NBC Nightly News, once pine beetles start ravaging a forest it has about five years until it's wiped out. That's a serious drag. We at Pound360 love forests.

Who's to blame? You and me, of course. People-driven climate change has led to milder winters. Milder winters mean less beetles are killed off each year. And sadly, the unchecked march of pine beetles is
contributing to more global warming. Not only that (sigh), but according to the NBC report, drought (thank you people-driven global warming) has left trees more susceptible to pine beetle attacks…

(Image of pine beetle courtesy US Dept of Agriculture)

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