Tuesday, October 14, 2008

'Mutant' man-eating fish suspected in attacks

Something has been attacking swimmers in India's Great Kali river, possibly a "giant mutant" catfish, according to UK's Daily Mail. What makes it a mutant? Locals believe "this monster has grown extra large on a diet of partially burnt corpses."

In India, they sometimes place their dead into rivers following funeral services (which often includes a pyre). From there, wildlife finishes off the corpse. But what if the wildlife develops a taste for human flesh and start hunting the living? The goonch, a large catfish that roams the Great Kali, may have done just that.

Over the past year, two men have been dragged to their deaths in the Great Kali by something described as an "elongated pig." Check out the pics at the link above. This goonch thing looks pretty menacing. It has some gnarly teeth, by the way.

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