Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Livestock mega-farms 'associated with an increase in infant mortality'

A Wellsley College study shows massive livestock operations are linked to higher infant mortality rates, reports ScienceDaily. For every 100 percent increase in livestock production, there's a 7.4 increase in infant mortality.

"Most of this effect occurs in the first twenty-eight days of life," suggesting factory farms are having an impact on human fetuses.

Factory farms may contaminate ground water, release toxic gasses and contribute airborne particulate matter, all of which seem to not be good for developing human fetuses. Pound360 doubts this is very good for other animals or plants.

Does Pound360 think we should all stop eating meat? Let's just say -- well,
we've said it before -- it's not eating meat that's the problem, it's the way we go about it. Eating meat should be the luxury of a much smaller, more responsible society. More reasons why here.

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