Friday, October 17, 2008

Bonobos shown writing, using a lighter and playing video games

Earlier, Pound360 blogged on how savage bonobos can be. And they are (but people can be pretty savage, too). To be fair, we'd like to share with you a video from (if you're not familiar with that site, you should be… tons of incredible video there).

The video below, a presentation by primatologist Susan Savage-Rumbaugh, is pretty cool. It's impressive to see how gracefully the bonobo walks on its two legs. But what's most remarkable about this video is how the bonobo in the middle of the video uses a lighter (6:00) drives a golf cart (7:20).

These creatures also fashion cutting tools out of rocks and writes symbols to communicate desires. Yeah. It's pretty wild… sent chills up Pound360's spine…

Oh, did we mention they play Pac-Man, too (16:20)?

(Video available here, too)

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