Friday, September 26, 2008

Why is McCain hiding his stance on science policy?

The McCain campaign isn't responding to inquiries on science policy from New Scientist or the science journal Nature, according to a New Scientist blog. They did respond to a group called ScienceDebate 2008 on questions regarding stem cells, but didn't answer whether or not McCain would lift a ban on using them for research, "so we're none the wiser."

"We're also in the dark when it comes to the teaching of evolution," according to the blog. Would McCain push to have "all sides" taught in classrooms or not?

We simply don't know. Why? New Scientists suspects answering such questions will do more harm than good. "The McCain campaign knows that scientists tend to be liberals, so there is little to be gained from courting them."

Furthermore, McCain was in favor of lifting restrictions on stem cell research as a Senator. But to admit that now would risk alienating White evangelicals, which make up a quarter of the electorate.

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