Monday, September 29, 2008

Space-time warp may cause newly discovered 'dark flow'

Astronomers observing some of the most awesome structures in the universe, galaxy clusters (collections of thousands of galaxies), have stumbled upon an inexplicable "dark flow," reports

Basically, the "dark flow" is a rushing intergalactic river of matter that can not be explained by "any of the known gravitational forces in the observable universe." This leaves experts to consider there's something outside of the observable universe -- for example, a space-time warp -- that's pushing this stuff around.

Dark flow may be strong evidence for
cosmic inflation, the theory that our universe is expanding as space itself is being stretched. Think of it as though space is a giant piece of taffy. So instead of the Big Bang representing an exploding grenade, it's more like an inflating balloon, and space is the expanding plastic.

It should be noted that it took Pound360 about an hour to write this post. This is the kind of thing where we type a couple of words, then stare into the middle-distance here for about 10 minutes trying to visualize what this all means. It's pretty amazing stuff.

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