Monday, September 15, 2008

A list of possible LHC breakthroughs

We at Pound360 are sure most of the world is rolling its eyes when it comes to this week's launch of the most powerful particle accelerator (the Large Hadron Collider), and one of science's crowing achievements. And we're sure that the rest of the world will forget the letters LHC before Halloween. But thanks to MSNBC, Pound360 has a list of stuff you may here associated with the letters LHC in the future.

  • Advanced era of global cloud computing: Research at the LHC "could usher in an era of global distributed computing and more efficient mass data storage."
  • No more hackers, no more electronic eavesdropping: Breakthroughs in quantum computing, thanks to the LHC, could drive "super-secure communication."
  • Cancer cures: "Particle accelerators are already playing a fast-rising role in cancer treatment."
  • Breakthroughs in disease prevention: Particle accelerators are helping out with medical imaging technology, too.
  • Controlled fusion power: LHC research could lead to new energy sources such as "controlled fusion" and the harnessing of microscopic black holes.

Pound360 is looking forward to the day when everyone's flying cars are powered by microscopic black holes. Actually, our bet is on a softball-size black hole that's contained in a satellite circling the earth which wirelessly beams power to every device, machine and vehicle on earth. Are there odds in Vegas on that yet?

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