Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hubble spots deep-space ‘mystery object’

Scientists probing deep space for supernova encountered a mysterious object that brightened for 100 days, started to fade and then 100 days later, was gone. This according to the news blog at Sky and Telescope.

“Don't get the idea that we've found every kind of astronomical object there is in the universe,” read the posting.

Astronomers don’t believe the object (or is it a phenomena?) is a supernova. First of all, it didn’t appear to be in a detectable galaxy. Second, it’s spectrum was “inconsistent with all known supernova types.” Further more, the spectrum didn’t match up with any known objects in the
Sloan Digital Sky Survey database.

What Pound360 finds most fascinating is the fact that this phenomena appears to have occurred in intergalactic space. What could have been floating out there? A lost star? Alien base? Said one commenter at Sky and Telescope, “perhaps it was a Glint in the Eye of the Creator.”

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