Thursday, September 04, 2008

Americans announce invisibility cloak, Chinese devise anti-cloak

A cloaking race has broken out between the Chinese and Americans, reports the Telegraph (UK). Less than a week after an American team of researchers announced they had material that could bend light as to make the wearer invisible, a Chinese team announced they had a "theoretical" anti-cloak which could partially de-cloak the cloaked.

All this talk of cloak, diet cloak and new cloak is making Pound360 thirsty.

This is actually good news for people that want to be cloaked for whatever reason (we hope it's a noble one, although a few bad ones spring to mind). If you're wearing an invisibility cloak, as developed by the American team, you can't actually see through it. But if you apply the anti-cloaking material on the inside, you can see the world around you.

Also, if you want to de-cloak the cloaked, you'd have to throw an anti-cloak over the person with the cloak-cloak on. But if you knew where that person was, you could just pull of their cloak and say, "gotcha!"

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