Thursday, July 10, 2008

Terrorism Paranoia Reportedly Kills 1,600 After 9/11

According to a (unfortunately) short piece at Discover Magazine, 1,600 people died as a result of terrorism paranoia during 2002. According to the piece…

"In the aftermath of 9/11, many Americans were so afraid of flying that they chose to drive instead. That decision, based on the perceived threat of another airliner hijacking, led to 1,600 casualties in the following year."

This excerpt is part of, what appears to be, a super-short review of Daniel Gardner's book, "The Science of Fear."

What they don't explain is where that 1,600 number comes from. Is that the increase in traffic fatalities? Is that the number of fatalities that came out of the increased traffic on the highway?

Pound360 supposes you have to read the book to find out. What, is Discover Magazine publishing it? Why spare the details? Tell us more! Pound360 ain't book people.

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