Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Still No Answers in Severed Foot Mystery

Why are severed feet washing up on Canadian coast near Vancouver? They've been washing up for almost a year now -- five total, two in the last month -- but authorities are still struggling to come up with answers reports the Guardian UK.

Could the feet belong to 2004 Asian tsunami victims? Could they be the remains of maritime accident victims? Or are we witnessing the calling card of a serial killer? Pound360 is both fascinated and pretty creeped out by the whole thing.

Four of the feet are right feet. Three are size 12. All are fitted with a running shoe.

Could it just be a strange coincidence? Experts disagree. "This is such a highly improbable situation it begs the question of foul play," said one oceanographer. However, a police spokesperson told the Guardian, "it is a unique situation but that doesn't mean there is a link between them all."

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