Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Russia & ESA Preview Next-Gen Manned Spacecraft

The Russian Space Agency and the European Space Agency (Esa) have revealed drawings of a manned spacecraft they've teamed up to build, reports the BBC.

Unfortunately, this capsule looks about as boring as the United States'
Orion spacecraft. Pound360 is surprised we're surprised at how lame spacecraft have become. We should have learned our lesson with cars. Cars used to be awesome in the fifties, sixties, seventies. And as soon as imagination and inspiration were cut from auto company budgets, we end up with the 2008 Yawns and 2008 Double-Yawns you see in car lots across the country now.

If there's anything cool about the Russian-Esa vehicle (which is so-far stuck with the super-lame name "Crew Space Transportation System" or CSTS), it's that it has landing legs and landing rockets! Well, that's not that cool.

The CSTS will replace the
twitchy Soyuz capsules many countries rely on to visit the International Space Station. Also, the CSTS can be used for orbiting the moon, that is if the Russians and Esa can team up to build rockets powerful enough to get there, reports the BBC.

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