Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Next-gen Toyota Prius outfitted with solar panels

You might expect a car company with a successful car line to keep making the same thing over-and-over-and-over until sales crash and magazine headlines ask in bold, red letters, "What went wrong!?" At least, that's what you'd expect from a U.S. car company.

Over in Japan, car maker Toyota, however, is adding something cool to the 2009 Prius: solar panels,
reports CNET's Crave blog (check out a pic of the car at that link, too).

No, the car's wheels won't be powered by the panels (it's not that cool), but the AC will be. Oh, the car will be able to park itself, too. Helps fight global warming. Draws power from the sun. AND parks itself? What a car.

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