Wednesday, July 23, 2008

NASA Scientist Shares Vision for Venus Colony

NASA scientist (and part time science writer) Geoffrey Landis has an idea for colonizing Venus: cloud cities. Landis spoke with the Universe Today blog (and Pound360 was led there by Slashdot).

While the surface of Venus is
pretty much what you think of when you think of Hell, the atmosphere around 50km up is "the most Earth-like environment other than Earth itself, in the solar system." The air pressure there is pretty much the same, but you would need a suit to provide oxygen and protect you from sulfuric acid. Temps are manageable at 0 to 50 degrees Celsius.

So how do we get a city to float in the clouds? Of course, that's a question
we'd need Lando Calrissian to answer (by the way, how did a guy with a name like "Lando" end up running a cloud city?). But we can speculate. NASA's Landis imagines we could use a giant bubble filled with "earth-like atmosphere" which would float atop the much denser low-altitude Venus atmosphere. Sounds like a stretch to Pound360. We'll wait for Calrissian to come up with a plan.

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