Thursday, July 03, 2008

Human Waste? Global Warming? China has an Olympic-Size Problem.

A blanket of fluorescent-green algae, two-feet thick in some places, is plaguing part of the Chinese coast where Olympic events are to take place in just six weeks, reports the NBC Nightly News.

The slime is covering about 5,000 square miles, including a third of the Olympic boating race course.

According to the report, this type of algae bloom is "often the result of the discharge of untreated sewage." But of course, the Chinese government has another perspective. "Warmer ocean temperatures," they suggest, "are the cause of this mess."

China has "mobilized" 20,000 people to clean up this mess. By hand. Or sometimes with a rake. Do they get Olympic medals for that?

Check out the report below. You need to see this to fully comprehend it.

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