Thursday, July 24, 2008

How much greenhouse gas is your burger creating?

According to a Japanese study, producing a kilo of beef (2.2 pounds) creates more greenhouse than driving for three hours AND simultaneously leaving your lights on at home, reports New Scientist.

That's about 80 pounds of C02. And (
if this source is to be trusted) Americans eat about 65 pounds of beef per year, so that puts about a ton of CO2 in the atmosphere every year.

Sure, you have to get your protein somewhere. So get it from plants. It takes seven pounds of plant protein to make one pound of animal protein (
according to another report at New Scientist). So switching from beef to plant protein would slash CO2 output 85 percent.

If you must have beef, pay more for organic, grass-fed beef. A 2003 Swedish study found this beef "emits 40 per cent less greenhouse gases and consumes 85 per cent less energy," according to New Scientist.

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