Friday, June 13, 2008

How Living Cells are Like Tiny Cities

Forgot how the cells in your body work? Don't you care? We at Pound360 really, really care. We're each made up of trillions of these things, so understanding how these things work is important to us.

Courtesy of Scientific American, here's an easy way to understand how they work. Basically, a cell is a tiny city:
  • Mitochondria are the power plants
  • Lysosomes are the trash dumps
  • The nucleus is the local government
  • DNA represents the legal charter
Why is a publication as sophisticated as Scientific American wasting their time with a 7th grade science lesson? (The better question is why are the science dropouts at Pound360 reading SciAM?) Of course, it's part of a much more advanced story about how Harvard Medical Researchers are on the verge of recreating what could be the first protocell that may have appeared in Earth's (or some other planet's) primeval ocean.

Unlike modern cells, protocells would have been "like a purse that carried instructions," reports SciAm, "consisting of just a membrane with genetic information inside."


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